How can PGT tests help my patients?

Prior to the availability of Preimplantation Genetic Tests (PGT), embryos were selected by morphology which was proven to be unsatisfactory and a poor predictor of a healthy embryo. To circumvent this situation physicians would often transfer several embryos looking for a successful pregnancy which would frequently give multiple pregnancies.

How can PGT tests help me?

With the complete personalized preimplantation genetic services offered by Reprobiogen the physician and the patients will profit from:

  • New state of the art PGT procedures1
  • A higher percentage of embryos likely to achieve a healthy successful pregnancy.
  • A reduction of miscarriages rates.
  • An increase in implantation rates.
  • Lower risk of twin pregnancies.
  • The reduced potential of having children with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.
  • A clinic with more successful IVF cycles translates into more happy patients.
  • Personalized genetic counselling services to help physician overcome the pitfalls and challenges in genetics interpretation and provide accurate sensitive patient education2.
  • PGT enables couples who may be at risk of passing genetic conditions on to their children the opportunity of pursuing biological parenthood, which they may not have done otherwise.
  • Couples will feel more confident in going ahead with an IVF procedure knowing that preimplantation genetic tests will be performed decreasing the chances of having a sick child.

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