What is

SELECT PGT-M/HLA (with human leukocyte antigen) is a test for the detection of diseases that are carried in the family of one of both sperm/egg providers, called monogenic disorders.

This is a highly specialized genetic test for those who have an increased risk of passing on a genetic condition to their children. In addition to performing SELECT PGT-M the SELECT PGT-HLA test is done to help parents conceive a child who is a tissue (HLA) match with their older sibling – who may be suffering from a life-threatening blood disorder and the only cure is bone marrow or cord blood stem cell transplantation from a healthy compatible sibling. SELECT PGT-M/HLA increases the chances of having a healthy child who is compatible to his sick brother or sister.


  • Identifies embryos affected with a genetic disorder before transfer. This selection increases the chances of a healthy pregnancy and having a baby with no genetic defect/abnormality.
  • It has a 98% accuracy rate in detecting chromosomal abnormalities in embryos and up to 97% for genetic mutation
  • Unique and custom-designed probe for every couple.
  • Linkage analysis for every couple. Link analysis is a gene-hunting technique that traces patterns of disease in high-risk families. It attempts to locate a disease-causing gene by identifying genetic markers of known chromosomal location that are co-inherited with the trait of interest.
  • Genetic counselling sessions to assist informed decisions. Prior to making an appointment we recommend sending an email to our genetic counsellors, with any questions you may have about your specific situation.
  • A close SELECT PGT-HLA match is important because it:
    • Improves the chances of a sibling-to-sibling successful transplant.
    • Helps your donor cells engraft (grow and make new blood cells in the body of your sick child).
    • Reduces the risk of complications like graft-versus-host disease (GVHD). GVHD happens when the immune cells from the donated cells (the graft) attack the recipient’s cells (the host).

Who should opt for SELECT PGT-M/HLA?

Parents may decide to perform SELECT PGT-M/HLA if they have a child with a defined genetic mutation who is suffering from a life-threatening disorder like Danconi’s anaemia, beta thalassemia or Diamand-Blackfan anaemia who needs bone marrow or cord blood transplant. These couples or individuals seek to conceive a baby who is a tissue (HLA) match with their sick child. SELECT PGT-HLA may be helpful when a suitable tissue donor is not available. In addition, the stem cells from the umbilical cord of the HLA matched baby can be harvested for future treatment and transplant.